Snow & Ice Removal Don’t get cold… let us handle your snow

Snow & Ice Removal

As the snow falls, KLM clears the way by continuing to provide both commercial and residential snow removal services. Our dependable crews work around the clock during both light and heavy snowfalls in order to provide our customers with safe and clear walkways, driveways, and streets. While any Michigander dreads the daunting responsibility of snow removal during the holiday season, KLM eliminates the worry by providing an array of snow removal services.

KLM offers per push and per season snow removal contracts, giving our customers the option to pay each time there is a snowfall, or the option to pay a set rate for the entire season. Our snow removal trucks come early and often to provide the reassurance of having a clear driveway in potentially treacherous conditions. We make it a point to honor special snow clearing requests as well. Through precautionary measures, KLM marks driveways, walkways, mailboxes, and street signs to prevent the damage of lawn or landscape features buried beneath the snow.

Along with our snow removal services, we offer sidewalk and deicing services. Sidewalks and walkways buried inches of snow present not only a hazard to the home or business owner and inhibit functionality, but to the safety of guests or customers as well. After shoveling walkways and sideways, we offer the option to include the application of salt or calcium chloride to thaw any underlying or unnoticeable ice.

Protect yourselves and guests this winter and enjoy the companionship of the holiday cheer by allowing KLM to complete snow removal and deicing at your residence or business.


Snow services include:

  • Snow plowing
  • Snow removal
  • Snow relocation
  • Sidewalk service
  • Deicing service (salt & calcium chloride)